Research Laboratory at AYUSH Academy.

Training for Research

Stem Cell Research has huge scope for regenerative medicine. AYUSH Academy is committed to train scholars in different fields like molecular biology, stem cell, organ regeneration and impact of natural things on molecular and biochemical structure etc. 

Research Program for training.

In Vitro Fertilisation

In Vitro Fertilisation

In Vitro Fertilisation

ICSI and IVF at Anupama Hospital.

We have dedicated in-vitro fertilization facility for treatment of infertility. We give training and orientation to students for that. Our Naturopaths, Ayurveda and Yoga students are well versed in dealing with molecular researc

Stem Cell Research

In Vitro Fertilisation

In Vitro Fertilisation

Stem cell culture

Stem Cell Research is a new insight into the usefulness of naturopathy. Our naturopaths learn how naturopathic and yogic treatments can effect the stem cells in our body.  

Stem cell research in the new insight in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Biochemical Research

In Vitro Fertilisation

Biochemical Research

Pharmacetical research in naturopathy.

We have dedicated pathology laboratory and biochemical research facility for testing the effects of naturopathic and yogic treatments in biochemical environments inside our body.

We also have food and soil testing facility.

Modernization of Naturopathy and Yoga

We have introduced the training in stem cell research, molecular biology etc in naturopathy and yoga. 

This will produce more confidence in the student. Even allopathic doctors do not have such facility for training and research. 

Research training in naturopathy at AYUSH Academy.

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